Stories of Resilience

Communities have a natural level of resilience inherent in them and it is the people within communities and their natural networks and support systems that are an integral part of this. Sharing stories is a way to learn from other individual and community experiences. The act of telling a story can also validate a person’s experience.  To read stories of resilience from our pilot communities click here.


What is Community Resilience in Queensland?

Community Resilience in Queensland is a database and information portal providing community resilience indicators and data at a local level for three pilot communities in Queensland: Tablelands Regional Council area, Rockhampton Regional Council area, and the township of Chinchilla in the Western Downs Regional Council area.

You can access the final project report for the Resilience project hereYou can also access data via our Resilience Profiles for each of these communities.

Community Resilience indicators are a democratic resource for engaging citizens and communities in informed discussions about shared goals and priorities, a policy resource guiding evidence-based planning and action to address the issues identified as important by communities, and a reporting resource tracking and communicating progress towards agreed goals and outcomes.

Community Resilience is a term being utilised with greater frequency especially in the context of disaster management. While research agrees that it is something for communities to strive for, there is no common definition of what resilience is and even less research around effectively measuring it. Community Resilience can describe the adaptive capacity of a community to anticipate disaster, absorb and recover from the impact, and be innovative and creative in its response.

Acknowledgements and thanks

The Resilience project team would like to extend their acknowledgement and thanks to the Natural Disaster Resilience Program (NDRP) which is a competitive grant program funded by shared contributions by the Australian and Queensland Governments. The team would also like to acknowledge and thank the following organisations and government departments:

  • Community Indicators Queensland Steering Committee
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics, Brisbane office
  • Queensland Department of Community Safety
  • The Resilience Project reference group, includes representatives from: Department of Communities, Local Government Association of Queensland, Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Office of Economic and Statistical Research (QLD Treasury).
  • Attorney Generals Office – Mt Macedon emergency management institute
  • All focus group participants from the Tablelands communities, Rockhampton and Chinchilla.

Special Acknowledgement

Community Resilience in Queensland would like to give special acknowledgement to the work of Community Indicators Victoria. Much of the foundational work for the Community Resilience Queensland website has been generously provided and supported by Community Indicators Victoria.

Special acknowledgement also must go to the Office of Economic and Statistical Research for their generous assistance, support and contribution to the development, delivery and analysis of the community survey.

A special thank you must also go to Leonard O'Sullivan for his extensive work in developing the Community Indicators Queensland website.